Greeting From Manager

Satuan Penjaminan Mutu - Telkom University

Satuan Penjaminan Mutu (SPM) Telkom University is one of the critical parts in Telkom University. By Spirit “Creating the Quality” , SPM consistenly strives to assurance quality to become a world-class University. As one of the biggest university and most modern private universities in Indonesia, to assurance the quality over the process become a great challenge for us. Exist with 7 faculties and 31 study programs, we are commited to build quality.

2013 - SPM; Unit has directly responsible to the Rector
2016 - SPM incorporate Directorate of University Secretariat, which is directly responsible to the Rector

Telkom University Quality Policy ;

  1. Continous Quality Improvement
  2. Effective Result by the Efficient Process
  3. Comply with regulation

Our Quality Milestone;
  1. Telkom University accredited “A” an outstanding institution; BAN PT, 2016
  2. 70 % of all our study programs has achived “A” accreditation by BAN PT
  3. International Accreditation including;
    • ABEST for Magister Management
    • ASIC for 6 study programs (Communication Science, Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Visual Communication Design and Visual Arts)
    • IABEE for two study programs (Telecommunication Engineering and Industrial Engineering
  4. Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, upgrading process to 9001:2015
  5. Granted funding from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, namely “Hibah Asuh PT Unggul Program” to build qulity of 5 universities in Indonesia

Dr. Anisah Firli
Manager of SPM